Monday, July 27, 2009

Blog Freebie

I created a couple Quick Pages from my newest kit, Autumn Dreams, which is on sale today for only $1.20! The QuickPages are free and you can get them from the Kissed By Cari section of TKO Scraps HERE
The cute lil blonde chickie poo in the pic is our own fearless leader, PIXIE! Thank you for the pics, hunnie!

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's A Birthday Celebration

Break out the Rum and Cabana Boys! We are gonna party till our socks fall off!

Its Kc's Birthday and to celebrate selected designers are having another wacky sale!

16 lovely ladies have their goodies marked down to .63 Cents!!!!
But hurry, sale ends 7/14 !!!

Just click on the ad angel to take you there....
or go to

(Special thanks to Medi for ad use)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sooooooo........ It's been a long time eh? I have been soooo busy it ain't funny. Went on vacation last part of June to Billings Montana where my daughter lived until last week. While there, we took a day to visit Yellowstone Park. I am convinced that a week in that park still wouldn't be enough to see everything. That place is more than awesome; it's COSMIC! I will be posting a few pics from our visit there starting with this one. I call this one.... WHAT NOT TO DO IF YOU SEE A BEAR. Or, maybe.... I HAVE STUPID WRITTEN ON MY FOREHEAD!

Of course, the license plate has beeen changed to protect the innocent.

Anyway, my daughter and her husband have since packed up their belongings and moved back to Phoenix. Necessity, not because they wanted to. So I have a couple extra people in my house until they can get new jobs and their own place.

Then, when I returned from Montana, I had a horrible tummy ache. I thought... I am NOT gonna bother anyone with a tummy ache! Well, it didn't go away and finally after 4 days of pain, I went to urgent care. Miss Pix was in IM with me before I went and informed me that I was having a gall bladder attack. When I came out of urgent care, I had to call her. DOESN'T SHE EVER GET TIRED OF BEING RIGHT? So now I am facing gall bladder surgery, RATS!

I will be posting more pics in the coming days so stay tuned!